When I say 'addressing=perpetuating' I was more-so referring to any attempt to chime into the actual comments on his articles and engage in discourse within his echo-chamber.

I think your article here is probably one of the best ways to combat the detriments of his writing, but only to an extent; I'm sure those inside Umairs echo chamber will give you the same treatment that I gave him - they'll mute you & move on, without any attempt to internalize a dissenting view.

It doesn't sit right with me that I've adopted the reverse of this approach - but I don't want my reading time to directly fund his writing when funding is the clear priority of his ego-centric, catastrophe-fetishizing; therein lies my issue.

I'd agree it's an internet-content problem and that's the real challenge to moderate - i'm not sure what the answer is.

I'm a perfectionist with realistic expectations, a recovering Sales Engineer turned Product Marketer, and I'm trying to be more cynical about being cynical.

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