I’ve seen this sentiment expressed multiple times throughout the past week. When the election was still in the balance, I saw Trump supporters likened to rats, only worse — because rats can’t vote for Donald Trump.

I’m vehemently opposed to Trump and his followers but if you take joy in actively gloating over the 70m Americans who did vote for Trump, then I’m sorry but you need to re-examine your priorities.

Something has gone seriously wrong with the US system; a lot of these people have no social welfare, no medical care, no education. They have been let down by a failing and corrupt state, to the point where they are afraid of racial strawmen and rally behind a narcissistic bigot — one with an insurmountable list of crimes against America to his name.

Kicking a dog that’s been abused just because it bites you doesn’t make it a better dog.

Similarly, if we’re that much better than these people — as we all claim to be — then we shouldn’t be directing our energy towards being a “sore winner” & providing them with the attention they crave. Rather, we should be focusing on the future —one with or without them, depending on their capacity to acknowledge the harm they’ve caused.

I too can enjoy morbidly laughing at Trump & his followers. I just keep it to myself.

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