I’m one of those left-leaning social commentators from Britain you were talking about and I feel I really learned a lot from reading your article.

As a progressive European at heart, I don’t see the problem with the word ‘socialism’ but it’s crazy to think it’s still such a poisoned word in the US, ‘Social Democracy’ sounds like a necessary rebranding given the historical implications. I’d also never really considered America’s deep-rooted distrust for government as being such a core component of their political zeitgeist. Very insightful.

I think it’s plain to see that the US political system needs a complete overhaul — less reliance on a hundred-year-old document would be a good place to start; modern politics requires flexibility and a lot of the sedimentary attitudes in America seem to stem from stringent enforcement of the constitution, coupled with the outlined rigging in favour of rural conservatism.

Truly a great article you’ve written here; I’ve read a lot of American politics on medium and this was without a doubt one of the best.

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