I can completely understand the ire a lot of the Democratic base feels towards Trump & his supporters - I feel it too, and I'm a fairly well-off white male i.e. someone who wouldn’t be on their traditional hit list, champagne socialism aside; I can't begin to understand the fear & hate these past four years have represented to someone who doesn't fit that niche, and they are rightly entitled to never forgive or forget.

I don't disagree with you in this regard and I'm not saying you need to respect, enjoy the company of or even acknowledge Trump supporters.

But using language like "they chose to blindly believe" and "If they would LISTEN to us" is naive to the realities of Capitalist America. It's also patronizing to the point that it's only going to entrench Trump's base until they can double down on the next electable demagogue. It's not worth your time or energy expressing this kind of sentiment.

Focus on the future, build infrastructure and maybe these people will one day be educated & experienced enough to be better than Trump. People can change and denying them that belief makes us just as bad as they are.

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