Fantastic article once again Steven!

I find the whole guru community morbidly fascinating; from its genesis in the realm of ‘hustle culture’ to how it’s morphed into a ‘Wolf of Wallstreet’ aspiring mantra — it’s truly a product of our time.

Social Media has added fuel to the fire and it’s joined at the hip with a lot of the widespread MLM Pyramid selling; the products no longer matter — it’s all about pitching mindset.

I follow a few of these people on Instagram to catch a glimpse into the cult of delusion, and the complete disconnect between their incessant monologues on positivity and mindfulness with the way they broadcast their lives is so jarring — devoid & soulless, they speak and say nothing.

I don’t understand how anyone can buy into it, but that’s my privilege talking & it’s exactly what makes them so predatory.

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