From poking your friends on facebook to a subreddit taking on a WallStreet - how the digital world went post-modern

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Picture this: it’s the mid-2000s.

You’re listening to some R&B on your iPod nano as you walk home from the mall— you’ve just hit up Abercrombie & Fitch and copped a sweet polo that’ll help you flaunt your freshly-healed tribal tattoo.

Suddenly, there’s a buzz in your pocket — you pull out your first ever touch screen phone (it accidentally unlocked already because the technology isn’t quite there yet) and see that you’ve been sent an SMS notification from the hottest social media platform in the valley, facebook.

Your friend Dave just poked you. Classic Dave.

All is right in…

And why they do it alone

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I’m a bit of a crier. Always have been. I cried just the other week.

I was watching the finale of the latest season of Last Chance U (spoiler alert).

I’d spent eight episodes getting to know the troubled, sometimes traumatized, but infinitely likable young East Los Angeles College athletes. Having witnessed them suffer the trials and tribulations of making it to the state championship, only for the pandemic to take away their shot at the final?

Cue the waterworks.

I’m not talking a single tear gracefully streaking down my cheek as if I were Scipio Aemilianus, the Roman general…

How can anyone view the democratization of cinema as the death of it?

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Susan Sontag opens her seminal essay On Photography by describing how the field industrialized throughout the twentieth century. She comments on its transition from a niche practice into something with wide-spread artistic merit, making the point that:

“Since there were no professional photographers, there could be no amateurs either, and taking photographs had no clear social use; it was gratuitous, that is, an artistic activity, though with few pretensions to being an art. It was only with its industrialization that photography came into its own as art.”

You’re not fooling me you multi-hyphenate flimflammer

This article has some overlapping themes with one of my previous pieces — but LinkedIn has triggered me again, so here we are.

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If you — like me — spend a lot of time browsing LinkedIn, you’ll have encountered a fair share of self-proclaimed ‘technology leaders’.

Whether they’re a connection or not, you’re going to see their content; promoting ‘thought-leadership’ across social is №1 on the lesson plan in the Simon Sinek school of personal branding.

Anthony Joshua cruising around North London isn’t going to convince me that Google is a friend to the local economy

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2020 for local businesses has, unsurprisingly, been the socio-economic equivalent of catching the coronavirus.

Their oxygen supply — the high street punter — has been severely restricted. The hastily implemented, often unclear trading restrictions imposed on them in the name of ‘stopping the spread’ could be considered a dereliction of care, however justified they may be.

For many, the case could be lethal; London’s thoroughfares are blighted with gutted retail space and protruding For Let signs — these are the first victims.

Why this line is becoming less acceptable in the Marketing space

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So you’re an in-betweener; working a Technical Marketing role, as some sort of Digital Analyst or maybe you’re a Sales Engineer — emphasis on the Sales.

A new, collaborative project has just crossed your desk — perhaps you need to get a product demo ready for a sales pitch, or you’re implementing a new tool that’s going to help augment your content strategy.

Working alongside you on this project are numerous other individuals — adults, if you will — all with impressive CVs built on multiple-years worth of experience in the tech industry.

You’re divvying up the work — your…

How the freemium model can work against your brand

Product-Led Growth is one of the hottest marketing trends on the block right now.

Credit: Geralt via Pixabay

It’s an approach that places your product front & centre of your go-to-market strategy; it becomes the driving force in acquiring and — more importantly — maintaining a passionate pool of sales prospects.

This flips the traditional paradigm on its head — the product does all the talking (so to speak) whereas Sales & Marketing take on more of a supporting role.

It’s easy to understand why this technique is seeing such widespread adoption; finding the right Sales and Marketing procedures for your organization can sometimes…

Why Best-of-Breed is the Right Choice for your Marketing Technology Portfolio

Credit: Foundry via Pixabay

It’s a question that’s dogged the technology world since the Big Tech explosion of the early nineties, following the dot-com collapse of the noughties, through to Steve Jobs climbing onto that famous San Francisco stage and presenting a revolutionary smartphone — a device on which developers would eventually be forced into hiding key features disguised as flashlight apps.

This is part IV of a IV part series. Click here for Part I & Part II & part III.

Britain joined the European Economic Community (as it was known in 1973) the lame horse of Europe in a race dominated by France, West Germany and Italy — countries which had to rebuild after continental Europe was ravaged by war.

Innovation and industry were given space to flourish upon the corpse of the old world; in the intervening years from the EECs inception, gross domestic product per capita rose 95% in those three countries as opposed to 50% in Britain.

This is Part II of a IV part series. For Part I click here & Part II click here.

The King energy is the representation of divinity on earth, a spirit we embody in our strive to bring a defined order to the confines of our kingdom i.e. our lives.

Quick to praise and slow to scorn, a King imbues a spirit of free flowing generosity, but more than anything they acknowledges true worth; filling the existential holes we burrow when we ask questions of ourselves like “What is my value?” or “Am I worthy?”.

Through the acknowledgement of this…

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