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Anthony Joshua cruising around North London isn’t going to convince me that Google is a friend to the local economy

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2020 for local businesses has, unsurprisingly, been the socio-economic equivalent of catching the coronavirus.

Their oxygen supply — the high street punter — has been severely restricted. The hastily implemented, often unclear trading restrictions imposed on them in the name of ‘stopping the spread’ could be considered a dereliction of care, however justified they may be.

For many, the case could be lethal; London’s thoroughfares are blighted with gutted retail space and protruding For Let signs — these are the first victims.

Why this line is becoming less acceptable in the Marketing space

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Credit: hbiesser via Pixabay

So you’re an in-betweener; working a Technical Marketing role, as some sort of Digital Analyst or maybe you’re a Sales Engineer — emphasis on the Sales.

A new, collaborative project has just crossed your desk — perhaps you need to get a product demo ready for a sales pitch, or you’re implementing a new tool that’s going to help augment your content strategy.

Working alongside you on this project are numerous other individuals — adults, if you will — all with impressive CVs built on multiple-years worth of experience in the tech industry.

You’re divvying up the work — your plate is full of course because you’re an arbitrarily defined ‘Technical Resources’ — and you ask one of these other adults if they can do a bit of product setup or documentation digging. …

How the freemium model can work against your brand

Product-Led Growth is one of the hottest marketing trends on the block right now.

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Credit: Geralt via Pixabay

It’s an approach that places your product front & centre of your go-to-market strategy; it becomes the driving force in acquiring and — more importantly — maintaining a passionate pool of sales prospects.

This flips the traditional paradigm on its head — the product does all the talking (so to speak) whereas Sales & Marketing take on more of a supporting role.

It’s easy to understand why this technique is seeing such widespread adoption; finding the right Sales and Marketing procedures for your organization can sometimes feel like hurling a bloated sack of cash at a wall just to see what sticks. …

Why Best-of-Breed is the Right Choice for your Marketing Technology Portfolio

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Credit: Foundry via Pixabay

It’s a question that’s dogged the technology world since the Big Tech explosion of the early nineties, following the dot-com collapse of the noughties, through to Steve Jobs climbing onto that famous San Francisco stage and presenting a revolutionary smartphone — a device on which developers would eventually be forced into hiding key features disguised as flashlight apps.

This is part IV of a IV part series. Click here for Part I & Part II & part III.

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Britain joined the European Economic Community (as it was known in 1973) the lame horse of Europe in a race dominated by France, West Germany and Italy — countries which had to rebuild after continental Europe was ravaged by war.

Innovation and industry were given space to flourish upon the corpse of the old world; in the intervening years from the EECs inception, gross domestic product per capita rose 95% in those three countries as opposed to 50% in Britain.

When we finally decided to join the party, our own domestic production started catching up; our GDP outpaced the lot for 40 straight years and by 2013, Britain was the most affluent of them all. …

This is Part II of a IV part series. For Part I click here & Part II click here.

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The King energy is the representation of divinity on earth, a spirit we embody in our strive to bring a defined order to the confines of our kingdom i.e. our lives.

Quick to praise and slow to scorn, a King imbues a spirit of free flowing generosity, but more than anything they acknowledges true worth; filling the existential holes we burrow when we ask questions of ourselves like “What is my value?” or “Am I worthy?”.

Through the acknowledgement of this natural beauty, an example is set whereby the King is exalted; they’re no longer just an individual, but an inspiration. …

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“And I still got love for the place where i’m livin, but right now there ain’t nothin great about Britain”

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Spits Jehst, a prominent UK rapper, on his track aptly titled ‘England’; a tune taking aim at the British institutions which constructed many of the issues the country faces today. The venom with which he lyrically dismantles these establishments is captivating, and he manages to do so whilst addressing the brunt of the problems endured by British society.

He touches on many subjects gripping the UK; mental health, drug abuse, violence, lack of education, government intrusion and yes, institutional as well as socially embedded racism. …

This is part II of a IV part series. Click here for Part I.

I think I’m quite British. I’ve been told as much.

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I’m actually a foreigner; I was born on American soil, in the great state of Minnesota (go Vikings!) the son of a British mother and a Kiwi father.

I lived there for the first four years of my life before moving to south west London.

It is because of my joint US-UK citizenship and my paternal Kiwi connections, I get the great pleasure of appearing mildly interesting when asked “Where are you from?”

The fact of the matter is that my Mother’s an Essex girl and her family hails from both Newcastle and Manchester, the latter acting as the mutual root of my parents; my grandfather on the Kiwi side also being Mancunian, grandmother from Lincolnshire. …

This is Part II of a IV part series. For Part I click here.

So having now shone a light on our omnipotent inner dragon through a surface level psychological, philosophical and spiritual analysis, I believe the onus is on me to explore a methodology of healthy relation.

Before I can do this however, I believe it’s necessary to delve into a final school of thought; that of sociology and the warping impact of the modern world.

Only after this final reflection do I feel we’ll have the appropriate context to truly understand how we, as individuals and collectively, can harmonise with our inner dragon and escape the trappings of pathological narcism, effectively connecting with ourselves and each other. …

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There’s this scene in Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s Sci-Fi epic, which has always stuck with me.


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I'm a perfectionist with realistic expectations, a recovering Sales Engineer turned Product Marketer, and I'm trying to be more cynical about being cynical.

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